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Fruity, a Little Bitter and Spicy By Simon Field

Simon Field is the founder of International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes and an olive producer and trader.

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At Savantes in Manhattan New York, Joanne Lacina, President and founder of Olive Oil Lovers achieved a perfect score in the Savantes Skills Test. The test is standard wherever it is taken in the world and achievement of a perfect score is outstanding. The test comprises triangle tests, rancidity and intensity rankings, fault detection and identification of 8 varieties from regions around the world. The time allowed is one and a half hours.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes Joanne Lacina receives her Register Certificate from Simon Field

Joanne was presented with her Savantes Certificate by Simon Field, founder of Savantes, at the New York programme. He commented 'after many years of wondering whether the Test was too rigorous, my doubts have been set aside by a wonderfully accomplished professional in Joanne Lacina'. 

Participants take the Savantes Skills Test in New York

I am sure all those who have undertaken the Savantes Skills Test will realise what a great achievement this is and will join us in congratulating her.